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, and they will find if there's any number in the u.s. that's been contacted by that number overseas, then they can go to that number, and be they can call what's called a hop, then they go to the phone numbers that that number has been in contact with here in the u.s. to see what the background is, to see if there's any other indicia of evidence and the individuals involved.
you for joining us. have a great night. >>> good evening everybody. thank you for being with us. washington has become an ent mow logical wonderland for the obama administration seems to be more obsessed with semantics and sentence con trucks than to capture a killing of terrorists. washington -- while dismissing any sense of proportion when it comes to radical islamists and the war on terror. and for all of that, tis was a red letter day. president obama's mantra that al qaeda is on the run today proved wrong yet again. you are looking at pictus of yemen where governmentofficials uncovered an al qaeda plot to capture oil and gas facilities, to fire on foreign embassies, to seize -- news of the foiled plot breaking as the united states is stepping up its drone attacks there. killing at leasteven al qaeda terrorists in the southern part of the country. in the broader plot that led to the closings of 19 embassies and facilities and 16 countes still acted tonight with no indication that the threats have in any way diminished. here is state department spokesperson jen saki on the cl
nuclear waste for a long period of time, even if earthquakes and crustal movements occur. they'll use knowledge learned from the march 2011 quake and nuclear disaster. >>> athletes and coaches from other countries suspected for years that thir competitors from the former west germany were cheating. now german researchers have reported that doping there was systematic. the government affiliated federal institute of sports science released a report on banned drugs. researchers from humble university in berlin revealed the study. they started engaging in doepg in 1949, soon after germany divided into west and east. by 1960, they used a banned drug, and it was well organized. they say that cyclists and hockey players on national teams were given drugs made from calves' blood. they say the practice was conducted under the pretext of research. the report says even after the reunification of germany in 1990, there were still more loopholes. they're calling for more rigorous testing. >>> senior u.s. lawmakers are to visit japan to discuss bilateral and regional matters with officials. robert
we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when there is a problem. how long did you think it takes pg and e to get out and turn it back on? 45,000 people. days weeks, may be a month. who has seen this in the streets. a lot of muck is in there is it's full of dirt and weeds you turn it to the right to tighten it and left to loosen it. your home work you have to look at your house, pop open the lid, look in there see what's going on in there it's not nice and clean like this. who has seen this around their house? everybody. each meter has a shut off. you want to find out where your gas meter is. you can keep track of your usage but you will know how to shut it off. here's the shut off. i have some tools up here, you can look at these. any hardware store has these. they fit on this and it allows you to turn off the gas. when we talk about the wheels it's these on top. if you have a broken pipe. they will spin like mad. when it's
down its local news sites, called patch. scott shellady of trean group joins us on this monday morning. happy monday morning to you, scott. - good morning. - how critical will the inflation numbers and retail earnings this week be to traders? - it's going to be very critical with the fed's dual mandate. we have to keep an eye on inflation. i don't think we've got inflation. i think we've got disinflation. bernanke mentioned that in his last speech. something to watch going forward - we actually might be in a deflationary cycle, so, keep your eyes glued to the inflation numbers. - china plays were popular last week with people buying the metals because of some growth in china. what will be your play this week? what do you see happening here? - i tell you what, i think you should stay away from china. china leads us in manufacturing. only one thing - their economic numbers. really, them in manufacturing - everything else, just by a hair. so be careful about china. at the end of last quarter, three of their largest banks shut down their atms over the weekend. you couldn't take any money o
with 4:00 in the morning but they have 40,000 police officers in the city. it's a resource issue for us at least for right now having a conversation because the daytime people where the most people have been dying for beat officers, officers on foot, officers on bicycles, school resource officers . if the hours were stretched, it would stress our resources that much later into night to cover those extra hours making this a 24 hour time like new york is. right now it's not a conversation that we are in a position to have. >> so i understand there is going to be some policing training. >> we have plans to be full staffing by 2018. >> you have a question? >> it's more of just a comment going along with the 4 a.m. legislature. i know you said you are short on resources, it's also something to consider the standpoint of club employees. i work the bar staff and ride a bicycle. if a show goes really late and the bars let out at 130 and all these massive people and it's an issue of safety for employees also along with patrons. i know you mentioned your club gets out at 4:00. we are next to you
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. great to have you with us. i'm jenna lee. welcome to "happening now." >> i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. the man suspected of kidnapping 16-year-old hannah anderson, james lee dimaggio, shot dead after a highly specialized fbi team tracks them down in very remote wilderness preserve. they were first spotted last week by a pair of horse riders saying the pair seemed out of place. instinctively they knew something wasn't right. >> she was kind of had a scared look on her face when i first come up the trail. we didn't know if it was from the horses or what. but then when i turned and talked to him a little bit, i just, just had a gut feeling about him. jenna: thank fully for that gut feeling. something changed. they didn't make the connection until they returned home and saw the girl's photos on the news. our will carr is live in boise, idaho, with the very latest on this. so, will, exactly where did those witnesses run into dimaggio and hannah? >> reporter: well, good morning, jenna. they tell us that they ran into them in a very isolated area that had very rough terrain. in fact th
both people can go to singapore and go to the u.s. to work and they never have a problem and they can stay here for long. why is there an exception to ♪ >> i am so looking forward to the street fair tomorrow. >> it is in the mission, how are we going to get there? we are not driving. >> well what do you suggest? >> there are a lot of great transportation choices in the city and there is one place to find them all, sfnta.com. >> sfmta.com. >> it is the walking parking, and riding muni and it is all here in one place. >> sitting in front of my computer waiting transportation options that is not exactly how i want to spend my saturday night. >> the new sfmta.com is mobile friendly, it works great on a tablet, smart phone or a lap top, it is built to go wherever we go. >> cool. >> but, let's just take the same route tomorrow that we always take, okay? >> it might be much more fun to ride our bikes. >> i am going to be way too tired to ride all the way home. >> okay, how about this, we can ride our bikes there and then we can take muni home and it even shows us how to take the bikes on t
, can you bring us an update on what that's about. >> i forgot to include that as part of my budget highlights. it's another good new story is president chiu sponsored legislation which was embraced by the board of supervisors to create a mechanism to create the urban forming development in departments. that's going to be housed at the recreation and parks department. we're going to hire an agriculture coordinating who will coordinating with with different groups who are interested in different agriculture and the different departments that include pc, dpw and the department of environment. there's a variety of non profits who are in this pace and the idea is to have an appoint person to help the community understand the opportunities that are out there. we're blessed with 27 gardens and we're going to have the community park gate gardening and we're working on other projects as well. so this person will be supported by the department and will work with the community to continue to create urban agricultural opportunities for san francisco. >> thank you. commissioner bonim. >>
blackberry stock way of today. companies looking for new alternatives. steve forbes is coming on to tell us about getting rid of that irs. this is interesting. revolutionizing travel. elon musk expected to make an announcement today. nyc to l.a. in 45 minutes. we will explain. markets now. ♪ connell: it is good to be with you on markets now. we will get to steve forbes in just a minute. we begin with stocks now. the dow is up a little bit. adam shapiro is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. adam: good morning. the s&p is still in negative territory. apple is up over 2%. just to give you some idea of who is winning and who is losing on the dow, cisco and ibm. connell: thank you very much, adam. the irs is still targeting tea party groups. steve forbes says forget about it. let's get rid of the irs altogether. thank you for coming in. >> i think there is a growing consensus. i think we can get rid of it all. people realize it is beyond redemption. given these scandals, why not just start all over. start with a new culture, new tax code. connell: the flat tax. you have been talking
they were using an elected officials in premature to add legitimatecy in the appeal to the public. >> you mean if they used it for example in printed material? >> yeah. >> or the media campaign. >> yeah. let's say that we are doing a mailer to say right to the board of supervisor and tell them not to cut them for the fire cuts keep them all open. >> maybe the firefighters union will do something like that. and they would say, you know, supervisors you are actually spear heading a movement to help us in gaining the funding that we need. please write or call the board right away. and that reporting would be captured whether or not the supervisor's names were attached to it or not. and you know, it is kind of that would not be it is not associated with like a ballot measure or something like that, so there is actually no political reporting attached to this. >> i see. >> does that answer your question? >> i think that it does. basically, the same thing is endorsed. and i was thinking more fire house number 9 and they and there is a particular initiative or some ballot measure that is
with us. sunny, i want to start with you. how would this work? i think it's an important distinction it's not going to change the laws but perhaps how we handhandle the laws, is that right? >> i think some people are thinking this means the sentencing guidelines are no more. while perhaps that's where the government is going, the government would vu to go through congress. we know there's been such a log jam when congress is involved. what our attorney general is doing is he is telling the u.s. attorneys offices all across the country, all the federal prosecutors that rather when someone is arrested an indicting somebody they do not place on the indictment is the amount of drugs involved. the mandatory minimums don't get kicked in. it seems to be a rudimentary way of going around congress and legislation but it would be effective. he's the chief u.s. attorney and the chief prosecutor of the federal government and all u.s. attorneys offices will have to follow suit. >> he's kpapted to say we cannot prosecute or incarceraka incarcy of becoming a safer nation. how can he convince the publi
of public works [speaker not understood]. rec and park, and don, calem and nathan who helped us get this far. and i want to thank in particular president of the board, david chiu for always being there for the port when the waterfront has needs. and we look forward to a long future with him in that role. please join me in welcoming president chiu. (applause) >> thank you, monique, and good morning. so, when i was invited to come and participate at this event, i suggested that the elected officials, mayor lee and supervisor kim, that the three of us do a rendition of sitting on the dock by the bay. [laughter] >> and i just want to say thank you, otis redding, for sparing us of that. one of the things so special about that song is it refers to otis reding's experience of coming from thousands of miles away. i suspect it is true for all the officials here, we all came from other parts of the country to this very sacred space called san francisco. and my guess is everyone here, you either came from somewhere else, or you are the child of the grandchild of someone who decided to pick up from anot
're happy you joined us for a town hall with mayor ed lee with the obama administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then we're going to
>> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> thank you for joining us. coming up in the show -- >> a promise from the nsa -- germany's top intelligence minister says the u.s. has offered adeal great >> could israel a someone's doom peace talks before they begin? >> and the row between britain and spain over gibraltar is heating up. london is sending out warships area -- warships. >> aagreement between the u.s. and germany -- it could be the latest result of edward snowden's revelations about mass surveillance by the nsa. >> today, the man who oversees intelligence in angela merkel's government says washington offered this deal to try to allay german peoples fears that their text and phone calls are being spied spied on by foreign agency. he appeared for the second time in front of a lawmakers committee. >> it has been dominating the headlines just six weeks before national elections in germany. now the government is hoping this new pledge will neutralize the issue. >> the government's chief of staff was grilled for six hours on the nation -- on the nature of german collaborat
enforcement reason. >> woodruff: today, in san francisco, the u.s. attorney general said that number must come down. eric holder addressed the american bar association's annual meeting. >> although incarceration has a significant role to play in our justice system-- widespread incarceration at the federal, state, and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable. it imposes a significant economic burden-- totaling $80 billion in 2010 alone-- and it comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate. as a nation, we are coldly efficient in our incarceration efforts. with an outsized, unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate, not merely to warehouse and forget. >> woodruff: one step toward a solution, according to holder: scale back mandatory minimum sentences for low-level, non- violent drug offenses. there are almost 220,000 prisoners in federal penitentiaries, now: 40% over capacity. nearly half those inmates are serving time for drug-related crimes. holder plans to tell federal prosecutors to ch
and exposed a critical gap in drug safety in america. as commissioner of the f.d.a. then, you can't tell us that every drug being used in the united states is safe and effected. >> no, i really cannot. >> stahl: she is the fifth richest self-made billionaire woman in the world. she's pointing out her building. with her partner husband, she has built more of beijing than almost any emperor in china's history. >> china produced more self-made billionaires than any other country in the world. >> stahl: while xin's fortune has been made on office buildings, china may be sitting on a residential and retail real estate bubble. where is the proof? we found what are known as "ghost cities." look at these brand new towers with no residents, desolate condos and vacant subdivisions uninhabited for miles and miles and miles. tonight, two stories that provide a rare window into china. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." [ male announcer ] it's time. time to have new experiences with
dependent nation. this is fox news reporting, the great food stamp binge. i'm reporting from the u.s. department of agriculture. why the usda? for historical and political reasons, food stamps fall under the agriculture department's domain.. in fact, food stamps will cost taxpayers a projected $78 billion this year. a staggering amount that's more than double the amount. other food asiftance. according to a just released poll, a majority of voters think most of the 46 million plus food stamp recipients are taking advantage and not truly in need. you heard stories of food stamp waste, fraud, and abuse. this hour we will also look at the cost of the recipients and the american character. during this show, you can share your thoughts via twitter. use #fox news reporting. we begin in new york city where one of the biggest proponents is looking to get more people signed up. >> individuals have a certain income limitation. >> you are watching a team of determined activists. preparing their plan of action. >> the guidelines have changed. do you feel all set and ready to go? >> they will be
. >> reporter: this is about two things. number one, the u.s. federal prison system is unbelievably overcrowded. since minimum mandatory sentencing took effect in the early 8 s. we have 25% of the world's prisoners. but there's also a community problem, a personal problem, being locked up say many experts in this field for relatively minor offenses takes a toll on an individual, on a community, on family. today i spoke to marcia montgomery. she says two of her nephews went to jail for ten years for pot. >> it does a lot of damage. it broke their spirit. they act like nobody cares about them. >> reporter: holder in effect today agreed. >> too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long. today a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens too many communities. >> so should we get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing for some drug offenses? a former drug czar sounding a note of caution. >> you do need the threat, the tool, the coercive threat of incarceration to get people to comply with court-ordered drug traems. >> eric holder is orderin
, unnecessarily large prison population, we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, deter, and rehabilitate, not merely to warehouse and forget. >> woodruff: one step toward a solution, according to holder: scale back mandatory minimum sentences for low-level, non- violent drug offenses. there are almost 220,000 prisoners in federal penitentiaries, now: 40% over capacity. nearly half those inmates are serving time for drug-related crimes. holder plans to tell federal prosecutors to change the way they handle those cases. >> they now will be charged with offenses for which the accompanying sentences are better suited to their individual conduct, rather than excessive prison terms more appropriate for violent criminals or drug kingpins. >> woodruff: the attorney general wants states to do likewise, given that 225,000 people are serving time in state prisons for drug crimes. there is longstanding, bi- partisan support for such reform. u.s. senator richard durbin of illinois has introduced the "smarter sentencing act", co- sponsored by fellow democrat patrick leahy of vermont
mayor bloomberg and get his reaction of the judge's ruling. we want to get to pete williams joining us from the news room. a judge made the ruling on the controversial stop and frisk tactics. what exactly was that ruling? what did we learn today? >> she's not ordered the city to stop doing the program. she ordered them to change how they do it. she said it's racially profiling the people they stop. the majority of the folks they stop are either latino or african-american. she says it's simply racial profiling. it's over representing people and you can't do that. it's not looking at suspicious paper, it's not random. it is profiling. she wants to look at the program to make sure the city makes changes, gather more data in selected precincts to wear body cameras when they do stop and frisks so courts can get a better idea of how it works. itis not a finding that the entire program is unconstitutional and the city has to stop it, it's instead an order to change it. peter, i would be surprised if the city doesn't appeal. >> give us a sense. what is the expected reaction aside from the appe
to the people's house of san francisco. historic. historic day today for all of us for the struggles for many, many years i want to thank all of you for sharing this historic moment in san francisco, california. wow. it's been a long road. many years but gosh it feels good to have love triumph overcome ignorance to have equal it triumph over discrimination to have that diagrams end right here in san francisco. wonderful, wonderful. it's a great place to be today in this hall where so many marriages have taken place and so many people have loved each other. we're the very first one with phyllis. thank you phyllis thank you very, very much. and many more weddings to the celebrated in san francisco many more. i know all of you have had some of those feelings before just maybe over 9 years ago and, of course, in 2008 when i had the prim of sharing that moment. i want to thank all the people behind me it's an incredible history. mayor willie brown is there (clapping) >> at the state level back in those years all of our members of the board of supervisors. thank you. our elected officials from the
been mind this and have have integrity and have gotten all of us involved, and looked to all of us for advice as they have developed this. they are only going to bring in more residents, and more businesses for us. i can't say enough of when i am on in dog patch, and i have people come into like is this it? and i am like be patient i have been here to eight years it is coming it has been very slow. and i only want things to grow, but this project has the integrity and the intelligence behind it and it is only going to add value for all of us that have been there for a lo time. thanks. >> thank you. >> any other public comment on this particular item? >> for that item or the next? >> exactly what she was speaking on but the project. >> yes. go ahead. >> you can step right up if you would like. >> this other mic ma'am. >> drew anderson i was a resident of san francisco for 35 years and we had commercial photography over in the american can company building for a long time and we may be leasing there again currently down in pacifica and so i am very familiar with this and i love the w
affair, center stage. ♪ you make me so very happy >>> good evening and thanks for joining us here on a sunday night. and we do begin with new details tonight after that dramatic end to a week-long manhunt through several states in the west. the search for a man who abducted a teenager after targeting her family, ending in the idaho wilderness. blackhawk helicopters carrying the s.w.a.t. team, hundreds of agents from the fbi, to the local sheriff's department, strategically gathering 2 1/2 hours from where they thought the suspect was hiding with the young girl, armed and ready to quietly move in. and tonight, 16-year-old hannah anderson is free, reunited with her father. abc's ryan owens this evening on the moment authorities knew they had to act fast. >> hannah's coming home. >> reporter: hannah anderson is safe and being reunited with her father tonight, in no small part thanks to these horseback riders. >> she did appear frightened, but i thought it was fear of the horses. >> reporter: around noon wednesday, they spotted the 16-year-old and her accused kidnapper, family friend
the city, and outside units should not be moved to decrease the number but have us maintain or in crease the numbers. >> commissioner antonini? >> yeah. i just wanted to say in reference to this, and many projects, square footage alone does not totally describe the situation. and as was the house that we lived in in dental school and we have a lot of square feet, but the lower unit was not a functional one and the bathroom and the toilet part of the bathroom was separated from the washing facilities by two different rooms and the ceilings were too low and the cost to make that into a unit. and unless it was treated as one house and i think that you have to look at one individual and so i think in this case we have dysfunctionalty each though the staff did not say that they were totally dysfunctional. >> just to clarify that motion was to not take the dr and approve the project as proposed. >> antonini. >> aye. >> borden. >> no. >> hillis. >> aye. >> moore. >> no. >> sugaya. >> no. >> commissioner. wu. >> no. >> president fong? >> aye. >> that motion fails commissioners, 3-4, with commiss
membership, we are asking for your support in denying a conditional use permit of pet food express in the marina, after attending many meet, speaking directly to the pet food express own e we have concluded this business is not something that the maer chant's agreement can agree with, we feel the merchants have spoken and we are asking support from you on this issue. sincerely, mike [inaudible], the secretary of the mma, myself, nick david son of the mma and alex, our past president from the marina merchant's association. >> good afternoon, commissioner, my name is keith jerdano and i have resigned? the marina far years, in our planning code regarding formula retail state, the formula retail in the commercial business areas if not monitored and regulated will have a diverse retail base with distinct retail and personalities compromised with a mix of businesses, pet food express's conditional use application would be a complete disregard of the section, pet food express has attempted to paint a picture of a general local business merely trying to serve the community and serve animal
to the desk. >>> police say a party bus crashed at about 11:00 p.m.. alex savidge is near the scene tells us police have a man in custody. he may be the driver. alex. >> reporter: it's possible. the driver though was gone. the driver of the party bus nowhere to be found when chp officers first pulled up to this crash a short time later they did find the man. he has since been detained for key questioning. veered off the highway, hit a tree and went down an embankment. one man a passenger was found dead inside that wrecked bus. the crash was just before 11 crank last night on northbound 280. just south of the alpine road exit. investigators don't know what caused the bus to crash. mainly because they haven't figured out who was driving yet. a chp spokesman says the man that was found near this scene is not being cooperative. >> we are trying to figure out if he was the driver or any way involved in the collision. >> reporter: and the chp says if that man turns out to be the driver, he could of course face charges for the death of the passenger. the man that was killed here was in his mid to l
promote intolerance and discrimination. >> phil black joins us now from moscow. to hear that gay relationships are unequal and everything, the backlash still it seems that vladmir putin unwaiveriunwaveri they feel. >> reporter: they deny claims it's an anti-gay law. they say it's designed to protect children from material and information they belief those children are not yet ready to deal with. it seems the pressure is likely to increase as the games get closer. the challenge for russia will be standing by this law they believe which is broadly unpopular for much of the world while hosting an olympics that russia wants to be declared an international success. >> there was a poll that says three quarters of russians said homosexuality should not be accepted by society. 33% in the u.s. 18% in britain. it's a huge figure. what is it that has so many russians feeling that way? >> reporter: there's some big culture and historical factors here. the last century it was a closed off society when it was part of the soviet union. during the soviet times it was a crime being gay. russia ha
find common ground. i think it would help the party to not have us feuding. >> i'm running for re-election in new jersey. i don't have time for that at the moment. if i find myself down in washington i'll certainly look him up. i certainly don't expect i'll be there any time soon. >> if republicans don't get their act together any time soon can they capture a majority in the senate and win back the white house? joining us, the communications director for the republican national committee and dana lash, host and tea party activist and matt, author of the book "the declaration of independents," how libertarianism and politics can fix what's wrong with america. glad to have all of you guys there. >> i know you're sean spicer. i know that any. let me start with you, republicans are fight right now, particularly in the house and senate whether or not to de-fund obamacare even if it means shutting down significant portions of the government. good idea or bad idea? >> in general a good idea. our party is united as far as getting rid of obamacare. we recognize the fact more americans are
father, the man who took her is dead. carter evans with new details on how the fbi found them. >> u.s. embassies in the middle east back open today. does that mean the threat has passed? jeff pegues reports. the urban migration. don dahler tells us about the changing and aging face of city life. and only if "the price is right". dean reynolds with a look at the homes designed by a legendary american architect now on the block. >> it is a house to be lived in. it is not a museum. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. it is the best news we could have asked for. the words of sarah britt, hannah anderson's grandmother after anderson was rescued and her abductor shot by the fbi. a man named james dimaggio took the 16-year-old last week after killing her mother and brother outside san diego. last night the odyssey ended a thousand miles away in cascade, idaho. with new details on how anderson is doing, and what dimaggio was planning, here's carter evans. >> reporter: there were tea
justice would advocate for an increased use or implementation of pretrial services at the local level and some on this panel will speak with more detail on that. >> let me ask miss dewint that you are obviously part of the bail association and the president of the organization, you have decades of experience. critics have argued that your association and other associations like it use their influence by way of lobbying to protect the groups financial interest. i'm wondering if you can respond to that and perhaps give us an idea what kind of lobbying your organization does? >> thank you. first of all let me thank jeff and the san francisco public defenders office for this 10th year of the justice submit summit. thank you and i don't have a prepared speech. i do want to address some of these misconceptions. there is a bail reform and we are part of the reform. we are proud to say that we are part of our regulatory agency with the department of insurance to reestablish the industry. but alongside of that we are not a one size fits all industry. there is a place for the criminal justice
the fire. how many people have used a fire extinguisher before. >> may be 10 percent of you. by the end of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medicine. you, going into a room spending 45 seconds on one person into 3 life saving techniques. by the fourth we we will teach you as search and rescuers how to keep yourself safe by identifying safe and none safe building to go into. sometimes objects are too heavy for you to liftoff of a body. we will teach you privying which will use anything you have, wood or cement blocks so you is see that people can lift heavy objects off of people. now, you have to have a plan. every program needs to have a plan. we can't say, here are your skills. class 6, after half an hour we will split you into teams of 10 people
bar tenders guild. the liquor laws don't allow us to use alcohol in training. the bar tenders schools in california are a joke. it's a cheap industry where hopeful bar tenders are hoping to take a $300-500 course to use colored liquid. if we are expected to do this for educational purposes, i imagine that we have to do the same thing, to go through the legislators to propose that to the public and propose it to the abc. i believe this nightlife summit was create because of problems in the public, there was problems with noise, problems with over drinking, a lot of our laws are based on that. i'm here to propose that we have more responsible training for our bar tenders and servers. the cocktail boom around the country has turned bartenders into a true professional. now that professional bartender's job is in question. >> i'm sure it's around the whole notion of where you can drink alcohol and the idea of one of those courses or presentations or event would whether or not it would constitute a public, somebody opened to the public or whether it was essentially amounting to commercial
you back here tomorrow. lou: good evening, thank you for being with us, obama administration continued roll back of "law & order," sends attorney general eric holder to reveal latest initiative to cut prosecution of person drug crimes to withhold information and certain prosecutions about amounts of drugs involved in the crime. to reduce prison sentences in some cases. and to free some particularly alderly inmates not -- elderly inmates, not convicted of violent crimes for humanitarian reasons, administration acting to reduce drug crime sentences, obama white house ordered federal prosecutors to revamp statutes to help shield certain drug offensers from the mandatory sentences without congressional approval, here is attorney general holder today speaking before the american bar association. >> i have to today mandated a modification of the justice department charges policy so certain low-level, nonviolent drug aend toers wits offensers o drug cartels or gangs. lou: how will our attorney general fine drug offenders who use drugs that have not beenn@ provided by as he put it large scale
they barely escaped. abc's steve o san mommy tells us this may not be over. >> reporter: dozens of families here on their florida vacations were just dozing off sunday night when 100-foot sinkhole started to swallow their villa. with them and their belongings in it. >> i kept hearing the building cracking as i was going back and forth. i could see things falling from the ceiling. i watched the floor split open at the time. >> reporter: authorities and eyewitnesses outside orlando raced to the collapsing buildings, capturing this incredible video and screaming for residents to get out now. >> i know this may happen in florida, but i'm from atlanta. the grund has not been swept from under our feet. >> reporter: it looks like the ground opened up and ate this building. there's a stairwell there leading to nowhere. like a tornado came through and punched a hole in the ground. rusty and her family saw the floors buckling then tried to escape, but the doors were stuck and wouldn't open. a couple with a baby had to break a window to get out. >> we started running out and throwing our s
are also using more energy as they ramp up production. meanwhile, household energy use continues to drop. officials at the institute say japan's consumption may rise further in 2014 if the global economy continues to improve. >>> japanese wholesale prices rose in july as a weaker yen pushed up the cost of raw materials. bank of japan officials says the corporate goods index climbed half a percent in june, a month-on-month increase except for may this year. utilities surgeried over 5% month-on-month. gas and oil rose more than 2%. and food up 2% due to the rising cost of wheat and bread. >>> japan is jockeying for more positions in myanmar but they lost out on a bid to build a new airport near myanmar's biggest city. the contract will go to other companies from other asian countries. myanmar officials said sunday they selected a consortium of fis to build the airport, handling 12 million travelers for the year. the contract for expanding the old airport went from china, singapore and malaysia that will work with local firms on the deal. it will likely be worth hundreds of millions of doll
" te great food stamp binge. >> i am bret baier. reporting from the u.s. department of agriculture. why the usda? for historical and political reasons food stamps fall under the agriculture department's domain. food stamps will cost taxpayers a projected $78 billion this year. a staggering amount that has more than doubled since 2008. food stamps and other food assistance add up to more than 70 percent of the usda. voters think most of the 46 million food stamp recipients are taking advantage of the system and not truly in need. you have heard stories of food stamp waste, fraud and abuse. this hour we will also look at the cost of the recipients and to the american character. during the show you can share your thoughts via twitter. be sure to use hash#fox news reporting. they are getting more people signed up. >> you are watching a team of determined activists preparing their plan of action. >> you are all set and ready to go. >> they will be walking around the streets of brooklyn. the mission, to sign up as many people as they can for food stamps. the new york city coalition against hu
risks of another bailout. >>> second quarter greek gdp data is out in one hour from now. >>> u.s. authorities may be stepping up their criminal investigation of jpmorgan. reports say they may arrest two former employees for allegedly hiding the size of losses. >>> and prudential is expected to raise its dividends thanks to growth in its asian and u.s. businesses when it reports for top numbers in 50 minutes' time. we speak to the ceo first on cnbc. that's at 10:35 c.t. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> hello and good morning, everyone. ross is out on holiday this week, so i'll be filling in for him all this week. are emerging markets already a missed opportunity? at 10:20 c.t., very investigate the results that south africa may still hold a few diamonds in the rough. >>> drug crime has boomed globally despite continuing efforts of authorities. in the first episode in a week-long series on crime, we'll bring you a special reports on the drugs trade. >>> and greek gdp figures for the second quarter are released. >>> and t
of the american actions form. great to have you here. how is this that congress can give us the prescription for health care, health care and then they don't live by it. what do you say? speaker this is a mess. take way will be washington takes care of its own and doesn't pay attention to us. obamacare passed, it forced the federal government to drop the employer-sponsored insurance so unlike every other employer, is one had to go away, dumped the staffers into the obamacare exchanges and it barred the federal government from supporting the health insurance so you have any kind of a contribution. gerri: like regular americans they only get the money when they deserve the money. there are certain economic thresholds. doesn't it make a difference? >> i don't think they should get the subsidies, it is not the point the law did something clean it wouldn't. if you like your insurance, you don't have to change it. it actually said you have to get rid of it, that was step number one. step number two was indefensible in fixing this. ruling we did not mean it, we are sorry. they had no ability to do
. this is f"fox news reporting" te great food stamp binge. >> i am bret baier. reporting from the u.s. department of agriculture. why the usda? for historical and political reasons food stamps fall under the agriculture department's domain. food stamps will cost taxpayers a projected $78 billion this year. a staggering amount that has more than doubled since 2008. food stamps and other food assistance add up to more than 70 percent of the usda. voters think most of the 46 million food stamp recipients are taking advantage of the system and not truly in need. you have heard stories of food stamp waste, fraud and abuse. this hour we will also look at the cost of the recipients and to the american character. during the show you can share your thoughts via twitter. be sure to use hash#fox news reporting. they are getting more people signed up. >> you are watching a team of determined activists preparing their plan of action. >> you are all set and ready to go. >> they will be walking around the streets of brooklyn. the mission, to sign up as many people as they can for food stamps. the ne
the great food stamp binge, i'm reporting from the u.s. department of agriculture, why the usda? well for historical and political reasons, food stamps fall under the agriculture department domain, in fact, food stamps will cost taxpayers a staggering $78 million in year. indeed, food stamps and other food assistance add up to 70% of the outlay. according to a fox news poll, a majority of voters think that most of the 46 million plus food stamp recipients are taking advantage of the system and are not truly in need. you have heard stories of food stamp, waste, fraud and abuse, well this hour we will also look at the cost to the recipients and to the american character. during this show, you can share your thoughts via twitter. be sure to use #foxnewsreporting. we start in new york city where a proponent of food stamps is working to get more people signed up. >> you are watching a team of determined activists preparing their plan of action. >> the guidelines change a bit. you feel all set and ready to go? >> they will be walki ining aro the streets of brooklyn. the mission. to sign up
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